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CG/LA Infrastructure releases list of North America—s Strategic Top 100 Infrastructure Projects

WASHINGTON, D.C. — CG/LA Infrastructure released the 5th Annual Strategic Top 100 North America Infrastructure Project list. The total estimated value of these projects is $435.7 billion with a conservatively estimated potential to create 3.3 million direct jobs over the next two years, and add 1 percent to our national GDP each year from 2015 through 2020. Each of the selected projects offers a business opportunity in the next 3-12 months.

“For our country to grow we need to invest in infrastructure — it is the only growth strategy,” according to Norman F. Anderson, President & CEO of CG/LA. "To regain our global competitiveness we need to double our investment in infrastructure — and to do that we need to be creative, resourceful and above all bold, in identifying projects, and getting those projects quickly approved and built.”

The Strategic Top 100 Projects. CG/LA defined six Competitiveness Visions through which the 100 projects were identified, and then ranked according to our proprietary scoring system. The Competitiveness Visions, including the value of the projects within each vision, are: Gateway Hubs ($35 B); Champion Cities ($ 45 B); Connecting the Region ($141 B); Energy Independence ($135 B); Heartland Waterways ($52 B); and Building Partners ($27 B).

The U.S. invests only 1.3 percent of GDP in infrastructure, lower than any other OECD country, according to CG/LA’s data model. The Strategic Top 100 list is designed to bring everyone together — business, policy executives, citizens — around projects that will grow our economy now, and that will serve as building blocks for the next generation.

Download the Strategic Top 100 North American Infrastructure Project List at https://cgla.wufoo.com/forms/2013-strategic-top-100-projects-list.

The Strategic Top 100 list is released prior to CG/LA’s 5th North America Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum, which will be held Oct. 29-31, 2013, in Washington, D.C. More than 500 executives from throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, come together at the Leadership Forum to move strategic projects forward. CG/LA Infrastructure (www.cg-la.com) created the Leadership Forum as a way of recognizing the strategic importance of infrastructure for individuals, businesses and communities around the world.

Highlighted projects from the list, and confirmed to present at the 5th North American
Infrastructure Leadership Forum, include:
• Lone Star Rail — $2.4 Billion, Texas
• I-66 & I-64 Highway expansion and rehabilitation — $200 Million, Virginia
• Southern California Reliability Project — San Diego Gas & Electric, California
• Western Area Water Supply Project — $230 Million, North Dakota
• Alaska South Central LNG — $65 Billion, Alaska
• Thumb Loop Transmission Line — $510 Million, Michigan
• Maher Melford Terminal — $350 Million, Nova Scotia
• Louisiana International Gulf Transfer Terminal — $1.5 Billion, Louisiana
• Sepulveda Pass Transit Corridor — $3 to $30 Billion, California
• Wyoming-Colorado Intertie — $150 Million, Wyoming

The US Army Corps of Engineers will also present priority projects. Key federal and state agencies will participate, including TIFIA (which will hold a workshop on financing), the FRA and the FTA, and also including state transportation agencies from Florida, Virginia, Texas and many others.