WASHINGTON, D.C. — CG/LA Infrastructure LLC has released its annual list of the Top 100 Global Infrastructure Projects. The total estimated value of the identified projects is nearly $550 billion. The Top 100 list is released prior to the 4th Annual Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum, the reference event for global infrastructure, to be held in New York City on Jan. 19-21, 2011.

According to Norman F. Anderson, president and CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure LLC, “The world faces an infrastructure challenge, and an infrastructure opportunity — according to the OECD we need about $60 trillion in investment by 2030 but our projections show clearly that we are on a glide path to invest only in the range of $24 trillion in that period.” The result, according to Anderson, is the rapid emergence of infrastructure haves and have-nots. “This is a giant shift — the emergence of infrastructure hotspots, countries that are getting projects done, and creating clusters of strategic resources and talent that builds advantage well into the future.”

The Leadership Forum focuses on those countries with the necessary conditions to effectively create and implement projects that will boost economic growth and job creation. "Infrastructure hotspots offer tremendous opportunities for U.S. exporters, the creation of as many as 3 million export-related jobs," Anderson added. The globalization of infrastructure has long-term business strategy implications.

The Top 100 Global List comprises $170 billion in projects from the BRIC countries — Brazil ($34.8 billion), Russia ($21.7 billion), India ($34.5 billion), and China ($72.8 billion); $89.2 billion in the United States; $100.9 billion in the Middle East; $76 billion from selected countries in Asia; $29.5 billion from selected countries in Latin America; and an additional $32.2 billion from Africa’s winners.

Twelve distinct infrastructure sectors are represented in the Top 100 Global List: renewable energy ($201 billion); surface transportation ($36 billion); urban mass transit ($60.1 billion); water / wastewater ($14.4 billion); digital ($20 billion); electricity generation and transmission ($41.4 billion); high-speed rail ($69.3 billion); airports ($30.6 billion); ports and logistics ($5.5 billion); railways ($32 billion); oil and gas ($105 billion); and strategic projects ($18.5 billion).

The 4th Annual Global Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum is an interactive global infrastructure marketplace, hosting the top projects in the world each year, for all professions interested in global infrastructure — engineers and construction professionals, equipment and technology firms, financial entities, and public policy decision-makers.

For more information, visit www.cg-la.com/gilf4.