COSTA MESA, Calif. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: CETY), a carbon neutral focused energy company manufacturing products and solutions in the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability markets, announced it has entered in to a $825,000.00 USD sales order for the installation of two Clean Cycle waste heat generator system located in Indianapolis. This project is being completed in collaboration with Greenverse Energy Group. Further discussions to finalize terms of the project are in progress, as the project can be scaled with additional generators, modified, or canceled if so required.

Greenverse Energy Group is taking advantage of the current available Investment Tax Credit (ITC) benefiting WHP (waste heat to power), showcasing the industry’s incentives and investments into clean energy solutions. This solution is just one way we can produce a solid return on investment for our clients while improving the environment, maintain good stewardship, and hedge future electrical cost increases. Current investment tax credits are making these systems extremely appealing for companies in the commercial and industrial sectors, and CETY is planning to increase production of this technology to meet demand.

“CETY’s ability to provide a suite of technology that can tailored to our customers’ needs allow the company to be positioned in many key commercial and industrial applications. This also allows CETY to capture the surge in interests and investments in clean energy solutions. Our solutions provide valuable resources, savings, and return on investment to our customers. The market is constantly growing, and we will be prepared to capture market share as it does.” Said Kam Mahdi CETY’s CEO.

CETY’s product line includes Heat Recovery, Waste Heat to Power, and other similar solutions, offering innovative solutions for commercial, manufacturing, and municipal facilities who benefit by achieving a very attractive ROI and reduction of the environmental carbon footprint. CETY also recently announced a capital injection to continue to expand its efforts in designing, building, and selling these solutions.

CETY has many projects scheduled for production in 2022, including the first of four anticipated renewable biomass projects in Ashfield Massachusetts. This $15,000,000 renewable energy processing facility which utilizes their revolutionary high temperature ablative fast pyrolysis reactor (HTAP Biomass Reactor). The Ashfield facility will convert approximately 10,000 tons per year of clean woody feedstock into an estimated 16,500 MWh electricity/year, 1,400 metric tons of biochar and 26,000 MM BTU of heat per year,