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Censys Technologies Integrates LiDAR into its Fixed-Wing VTOL Drone

Censys Technologies Integrates LiDAR into its Fixed-Wing VTOL Drone

Remote Sensor Camera Payload Provides More Options for 3D Mapping

Daytona Beach, FL – Censys Technologies Corporation is bringing LiDAR to its list of universal payload options. Censys, a trailblazer in the commercial beyond visual line of site (BVLOS) unmanned aerial systems (UAS) industry, offers a one-of-a-kind remote sensing package to revolutionize the way aerial information is collected for infrastructure, agriculture, public safety and more, by bringing together the best software and hardware solutions in the world of airborne intelligence. Now, it is integrating LiDAR into its Sentaero family of fixed-wing vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft capable BVLOS.

LiDAR – Light Detection and Ranging – is a remote sensor camera payload that uses pulsed laser light for 3D mapping. The LiDAR measures the time it takes that reflected laser light to return to the receiver after bouncing from the ground and measures the intensity of the pulses to provide readings of the terrain and points on the ground. This technology is especially useful for land surveying, power line inspection, topographic surveys, forestry and wildfire mitigation, precision agriculture, and mining.

“In a fixed-wing VTOL with a history of BVLOS approvals, this is a huge addition to the Sentaero line,” said Censys Technologies CEO and Co-Founder Trevor Perrott. “We’ve been working hard to integrate LiDAR over the past year to fill customer needs, and now operators who had been chained to quadcopters have a new option to do more.”

In a single flight, fixed-wing drones carrying a LiDAR payload have a system precision of 2.5 centimeters and system accuracy of 3 centimeters at 100 meters above ground level (AGL).

Censys anticipates deliveries of the LiDAR payloads to customers in August 2022.

About Censys Technologies:

Censys Technologies Corporation builds remote sensing solutions for UAS service providers, enterprise organizations and government entities. This includes the Sentaero family of products – which is the UAV performance and value leader in the fields of agriculture, infrastructure monitoring, disaster relief and public safety. Created by three Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University graduates, Trevor Perrott, Payal Chaudhari and John Lobdell, in 2017, Censys Technologies’ priority is centered on understanding customer needs and delivering technology and products that will perform and grow their business – bringing intelligence to business from beyond the horizon.