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  • PartRunner is a technology & logistics company that services the construction industry.
  • Investment in PartRunner is aimed to streamline logistics, improve job site efficiency, shorten supply chain and reduce transportation costs in the construction industry.
  • Scalable solution for dependable last minute and last mile construction materials delivery.

MONTERREY, MEXICO. – CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V. (“CEMEX”) and CEMEX’s open innovation and corporate venture unit, CEMEX Ventures, announced their investment in PartRunner, an on-demand delivery platform for the construction and industrial sectors. This transaction is part of CEMEX´s strategy to invest in innovative construction startups to drive the revolution of the construction industry. This investment addresses a critical industry pain point of a complicated supply chain, particularly for small and medium size projects.

This investment aims to offer a last mile, last minute delivery solution to CEMEX distribution businesses and other customers in Mexico and the U.S. while also allowing them to further enhance its logistics capabilities. Likewise, PartRunner is a particularly attractive solution for contractors and project managers who manage smaller jobsite with more frequent construction material deliveries.

The U.S.-based startup offers a multi-size truck fleet, suitable for any kind of order. Their digital platform integrates warehouses, retail locations and contractor jobsites, helping match the best delivery option considering the material requested, timing, location and type of vehicle needed, while ensuring a significant savings in delivery costs.

PartRunner addresses a particular challenge of contractors and distributors who may have limited availability and scale to provide the appropriate transportation vehicles and optimal logistics network. The platform allows its users to manage trips and requests through a user-friendly web and mobile app where clients can track their order in real-time, request multi-stops for maximum efficiency, review order details and delivery route, and even manage invoices and documentation.

“This solution serves a perfect match with CEMEX´s commitment to provide our clients with more control over their businesses by enhancing the efficiency and transparency of the delivery of products and materials to the construction site” expressed Gonzalo Galindo, head of CEMEX Ventures. “Through this partnership, PartRunner will not only expand beyond its current markets in the United States but also launch the solution in major markets in Mexico”.

PartRunner will tap into CEMEX’s decades of experience in safe driving practices and well-regarded new driver training program. As a result, their solution will make a difference in the delivery of materials in the construction industry by offering safer, more suitable transportation options while making it more transparent and efficient for all its clients.