Wayland, Mass. — The Computer Education Management Association (CEdMA), a professional networking organization for training executives, managers, and professionals, announced that Bentley Systems was honored with CEdMA’s 2013 Innovation Award. This annual award recognizes one high-tech company for outstanding innovation in training. As the recipient of this same award in 2012, Bentley becomes the first company to be recognized with the Innovation Award twice, let alone in consecutive years.

The 2012 award was presented to Bentley for its development and implementation of a highly personalized learning path application that incorporates customized home pages, real-time feedback on progress, and learning paths that can be saved, modified, and shared by organizations and their learners. The 2013 submission by the Bentley LEARNservices organization reflected the company’s achievements in expanding the role of social learning in its training strategies for Bentley users, thereby:

• Extending the engagement among trainers and learners beyond the live classroom;
• Empowering substantial collaborative learning;
• Enhancing the value of Bentley’s LEARN subscriptions to its users.

The focal point of Bentley’s 2013 social learning initiatives was the reprogramming of its largest annual user conference, dedicating its sessions to practitioner learning exclusively for Bentley LEARN subscribers. Called The Bentley LEARNing Conference, this global gathering offered Bentley LEARN subscribers practical solutions, product training, and professional networking. At the same time, the conference set the stage for ongoing social learning opportunities, around the globe and throughout the year, among learners, Bentley’s product management team and trainers, and adjunct instructors from Bentley’s user and partner organizations.

Commenting on the CEdMA Innovation Award, George Church, Bentley Systems Senior Vice President, User Advantage, said, “Being awarded the prestigious Innovation Award for two years running is truly an honor, and we thank CEdMA for this important recognition. It validates our new approach to providing our users with ‘next’ practices in learning.”

He continued, “The reprogramming of The Bentley LEARNing Conference was just the beginning of Bentley LEARNservices’ expanded commitment to personalized social learning. For 2014, the conference itself has been transformed into eight learning events spanning the globe and focused on localized requirements. In addition, we have 500 virtual classroom events scheduled, an array of webinars and seminars, our annual Year in Infrastructure Conference, and Bentley Advantage events that tailor the rich information content of our Year in Infrastructure event to local needs. Each of these is designed to help our users, along with the projects they work on, gain maximum value from Bentley’s comprehensive portfolio of software solutions for sustaining infrastructure.”

Jesse Finn, President of CEdMA, commented, “The fact that Bentley totally re-focused its user conference around the learning experience is unique for technology companies, which generally emphasize product marketing at these events. The global learning design and expansion of social learning aspects before, during and after its conference speaks to the importance of the continuous learning experience in driving technology adoption and effective use to much larger audiences. This is a huge win for Bentley and its users.”