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CE News joins the social media world!

Feeling social? CE News magazine has just become your source for civil engineering news, articles, and events on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter! We’re linking you to the most recent industry news, magazine articles fresh off the press, and relevant news from other sources to keep you up to date and ahead of the times.

Find photo galleries, information about upcoming events, and stimulating conversation about civil engineering news on our CE News Like page. Also, check out the Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure Like page for a focus on bridges and roads, and the Structural Engineering & Design Like page for a structural engineering focus.

We’ve created three groups for engineers: CE News, Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure, and Structural Engineering & Design. We’ll be posting news and articles for discussion every weekday. Join our group and feel free to add to our engineering topics!

Do you have an account on Twitter? If so, check out @GoCivil for civil engineering news.

Plus, editors Shanon Fauerbach, P.E., and Bob Drake have created their own accounts as well! Follow @SFauerbachPE and @EditorBDrake to get their take on what’s in the news, and tips on interesting articles for engineers.

Note: For transportation news and articles, follow @RAImagazine. For structural news, articles, and events, follow @GoStructural and @JGoupilPE.