New Orleans — The Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Southeast selected CDM Smith for a $17.9 million design-build contract for a new water distribution system at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans in Belle Chase, La. The project will design and install new dedicated lines for flight line non-potable fire protection and domestic potable water distribution, completely separating the two, currently combined systems. This project is critical to support on-going flight training exercises and meet the potable water needs on base.

The base’s existing potable water pipelines, oversized to accommodate both fire flow and domestic potable use, are insufficient to support the base's variable demands for potable and non-potable water. During training, there is often a need for high-volume, short-term, non-potable water flow for fire protection on the flight line.

Domestic potable water demands are maximized on weekends during Navy/Marine Reserve training activities. Weekday potable and non-potable use is limited due to reduced flight operations and a smaller number of base personnel. The oversized water distribution pipes also contribute to lengthy water detention times, decreasing the chlorine residual necessary to protect the potable water for safe consumption and resulting in water stagnation. This is addressed by wasteful flushing to mitigate the decayed water quality.

CDM Smith will perform analysis, field investigation, solution development, computer modeling, permitting, design, construction and testing of the water system repairs so that the potable water system will meet all local, state and federal water quality requirements.

The project will completely separate the existing water distribution system, delivering a fire main system that provides sufficient water to the hangars without affecting domestic water quality. The dedicated distribution pipelines, independent from the flight line fire protection system, will be appropriately sized to meet the potable water and the hydrant fire protection demands.

Construction is scheduled to begin in February 2017 and will be complete by June 2017.