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So you want to be a project manager?

Taking care of the client — not design — must be the project manager's role.

Six Common Pitfalls of Strategic Planning

Consulting engineering firms have been creating plans for years based upon the strategic planning model. Although many people dress it up differently, the model basically is used to identify where your business is today, where you want it to be in the future, and what you have to do to get there. It is not much different than designing a road - except it is more about people and strategy than dirt and concrete.

Noncompete agreements for engineering professionals

Noncompete agreements operate to restrict an employee from competing against his or her employer in the event that the employee leaves the company. These agreements are used to protect, among other things, customer lists and contacts, trade secrets, and certain intellectual and proprietary assets that an employee may learn about while employed with a company. The use of noncompete agreements for design professionals is increasing. In fact, the United States Chamber of Commerce suggests that employers ask "all engineers and drafting employees engaged in design or engineering work" to sign such agreements.

Ensuring a good prime/subconsultant relationship

Selection, contracts, and management are key to subconsultant performance.

Civil engineerings role in asset management

Aging infrastructure is a major concern to many Americans and certainly to our elected officials. Of course, the costs to maintain, rehabilitate, replace, or even build new infrastructure is no surprise to civil engineers. However, the general public isn't as well informed, so decisions to spend can be unpopular, and this fact can impede progress toward more dependable, efficient, facilities. Truth be told, many elected officials and governing bodies aren't well informed either, typically because of insufficient data, not unawareness.

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