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KCI acquires LandAir Surveying

KCI Technologies Inc., a multidisciplined engineering firm with offices throughout the United States, announced the acquisition of LandAir Surveying (LAS), a Georgia-based consulting firm that is a recognized leader in utilization of advanced technology.

Loris and Associates joins Otak, Inc.

Otak, Inc., an award-winning engineering, urban design, architecture, planning, and project management firm, announced the acquisition of Loris and Associates, Inc. (LORIS), a Superior, Colo.-based civil and structural engineering firm.

Project Profitability: Planning and scheduling

Outside of the construction industry, the term “project management” often broadly means scheduling. Outside, project management software is scheduling software. Inside the industry, this...

A practical guide to the 16-hour SE licensing exam

In this article, the authors discuss the format, requirements, benefits, and challenges of the new, two-day, 16-hour-long licensing exam for structural engineers (commonly called...

Performance Reviews

Efficient and high quality employee performance drives the service-oriented businesses of the structural engineering industry. Most firms (80 percent) reported that they conduct reviews annually.

Randall Poston: The corrector

Structures will fail. Age, deficient design, subpar materials, external factors, could all be culprits. Randall Poston has built a career around understanding these factors...

Designer quality control plans

Templates help chart a project management course to calmer seas.

So you want to be a project manager?

Taking care of the client — not design — must be the project manager's role.

Six Common Pitfalls of Strategic Planning

Consulting engineering firms have been creating plans for years based upon the strategic planning model. Although many people dress it up differently, the model basically is used to identify where your business is today, where you want it to be in the future, and what you have to do to get there. It is not much different than designing a road - except it is more about people and strategy than dirt and concrete.

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