VANTAA Finland — High-tech carbon nanomaterial developer Canatu has signed a major Joint Development Agreement with DENSO, a leading mobility supplier, to develop high-performance reactors used in Carbon NanoBud (CNBTM) film production. The collaboration aims to improve CNB film manufacturing productivity x 3 compared with the current throughput. To achieve higher productivity, the 1.5-year development project will focus on improving reactor design, process controls and serviceability. The Joint Development Agreement was signed in May 2021 with project starting immediately after.

During the project, Canatu will develop, verify, and supply first high-performance reactors to DENSO. Scale up of reactor design will be a key step in further industrialization of CNB.

“We are incredibly pleased to announce this Joint Development Agreement with our long-standing partner DENSO. Together we can further improve competitiveness and achieve economies of scale in CNB film production. It is exciting to see our material enable DENSO to strengthen its capabilities in ADAS heaters, and we look forward to our continued collaboration,” says Juha Kokkonen, CEO, Canatu.

The new Joint Development Agreement underlines a strong commitment from both parties to long-term collaboration. It builds upon Canatu and DENSO’s prior development programs and licensing contract signed in 2018 in ADAS heater area.

“DENSO will collaborate closely with Canatu in reactor design, manufacturing processes and serviceability to minimize process downtime, improve productivity and ensure compliance with quality control and regulatory requirements. We are looking forward to start operating our new high-performance reactor in Vantaa, Finland together as a starting point of our further strong collaboration toward future, “says Hirotsugu Takeuchi, a senior executive officer at DENSO Corporation.