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CAMO® EDGEXMETAL® Clips Earn 2021 Golden Hammer Award from HBSDealer Magazine

CAMO® EDGEXMETAL® Clips Earn 2021 Golden Hammer Award from  HBSDealer Magazine

Grand Rapids, MI — National Nail announces its CAMO® EDGEXMETAL® Clips have been selected by Hardware & Building Supply (HBS) Dealer magazine for its prestigious 2021 Golden Hammer Awards. Judged by the magazine’s editorial staff, the awards highlight the home improvement industry’s “best of the best” products.  CAMO EDGEXMETAL Clips were designed to reduce installation time when fastening grooved deck boards onto metal framing.

“Our CAMO innovation team is proud to have our EDGEXMETAL Clips selected as a winner of

HBSDealer’s 2021 Golden Hammer Awards,” said W. Scott Baker, CEO, National Nail. “As more deck builders rely on metal framing, EDGEXMETAL Clips provide a faster, more efficient clip system that addresses the material and labor shortages faced by contractors today.”

Just like CAMO EDGEX® Clips for wood-framed decks, EDGEXMETAL Clips require no partial installation and allow contractors to line up rows of clips and boards at any angle to efficiently fasten in a single pass. Included in every pail is CAMO’s NEVER-MISS™ Guide which speeds up grooved deck installations 2X faster than traditional methods. Installing up to 5X faster, contractors can fasten with the CAMO DRIVE™ stand-up fastening tool, getting off their knees and relieving body strain. They can also use the CAMO LEVER® board bending and locking tool to line up several rows of deck boards in one turn.

The clips are available in 90ct and 450ct pails, which include T-15 driver bits and the NEVER-MISS Guide. A CAMO warranty backs EDGEXMETAL Clips to match the longevity of the boards and substructure when installed according to CAMO guidelines.

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