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Call for engineering and technology #DifferenceMakers across America and Canada to come forward

Call for engineering and technology #DifferenceMakers across America and Canada to come forward

As 2020 highlights engineers and technologists on the global stage more so than ever, where their solutions to world problems and global emergencies means they are making differences that affect every person on the planet, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is calling on these difference makers to come forward and share their stories for the world to hear.

Celebrating its 149th anniversary on 17 May 2020, the IET is kickstarting the countdown to its 150th anniversary with the launch of its #DifferenceMakers campaign. The campaign aims to find those who are using engineering and technology solutions to solve a variety of global challenges across the world and to share these stories beyond the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) bubble, reaching new audiences globally.

From engineers and technologists that are inventing in their workplaces or even in their sheds, to the engineering community projects responding to local issues; from the activists that are challenging the status quo to the researchers finding novel solutions, the IET wants to give a global platform to showcase how they are contributing to making a real difference and more importantly inspire young people to take action themselves.

These #DifferenceMakers will be interviewed by young future influencers who will be chosen as part of the IET’s Youth Ambassador competition.

Professor Danielle George, incoming IET President, said: “Although the world has changed since the Victorian times, one thing that still connects us with our history is that engineers continue to solve many of the challenges facing communities across the globe – making an ongoing difference to the world around us. Just as in Victorian times, society today still depends on the skills and innovation of engineers and technologists to improve our world and make it more sustainable.

“Our 150th anniversary gives us a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our rich history. We want to use it to engage and inspire young people so that engineering and technology are seen as a force for good and key to solving many of the biggest challenges facing our world. This seems particularly relevant with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, where we know that there are engineers and innovators making a real difference.”

As well as the #DifferenceMakers campaign, the IET has launched a Global Engagement Fund for its volunteers across the world to help them host special, celebratory events and activities in their regions. In America, the New England Network will host a sustainability knowledge exchange event in New York and in Vancouver, Canada, the Chartered Engineers Pacific group will host a seminar focusing on innovative solutions around sustainability.

The anniversary year will also recognise the IET’s rich history and feature unexpected partnerships in unexpected places to inspire the next generation of engineers. The IET is due to feature at the UK Pavilion at the World Expo 2020, Dubai UAE, as well as launch a junior membership club.

To find out more about the IET’s #DifferenceMakers campaign as part of its 150th year, please visit www.theiet.org/about/iet-150-anniversary/. You can also send your nominations for #DifferenceMakers to iet150@theiet.org.