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C2AE celebrates 45 years in business

LANSING, MICH. — C2AE, a full-service architectural, engineering, and planning design firm, is celebrating its 45-year anniversary on June 28. On that date in 1966, the civil and environmental engineering firm, Capitol Consultants, was officially founded in Lansing. Since then, the firm has opened three new offices, merged with Grand Rapids-based architecture firm, DesignWorks A/E in 2005, changed its name to C2AE in 2007, and transitioned to a new CEO just last year. C2AE remains the largest A/E firm headquartered in Lansing.

For the firm’s 45-year anniversary, the focus is on the employees. They will celebrate with a firm-wide celebration on June 28 and will incorporate the anniversary milestone into other events planned throughout the year for employees and clients.

Reaffirming its commitment to quality and innovation, C2AE continues to look for new and better ways to serve its clients. “Developing innovative, cost-effective solutions to the challenges our clients face is our responsibility,” said President and CEO Bill Kimble. “We are a strong, stable, and growing firm that will be around for many more years.”