WASHINGTON, D.C. — Burns & McDonnell, a Charter Member of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI), has credentialed more than 100 employee-owners across 15 major U.S. metropolitan areas as ISI Envision Sustainability Professionals (ENV SPs). Burns & McDonnell — an engineering, architecture, construction, and environmental consulting services company — plans to credential an additional 80 sustainability professionals by year end.

"We have made a strong commitment to the Envision program because it clearly fits with the Burns & McDonnell approach to deliver projects that are designed, built and operated in a sustainable manner," said Senior Vice President Greg Gould, sponsoring officer of the ISI Envision program at Burns & McDonnell. "We believe Envision provides a clear and effective framework that will result in improved, more efficient and more resilient infrastructure benefitting communities across the land. There is no question that infrastructure projects designed to Envision sustainability standards will be able to demonstrate long-term value for taxpayers, ratepayers, and shareholders."

Burns & McDonnell has adopted the Envision rating system as a tool to guide discussions with stakeholders and decision-makers assessing various project alternatives in terms of standardized sustainability metrics. "The Envision tool is flexible and can be applied to a wide range of infrastructure, such as power plants, power lines, refineries, pipelines, natural gas distribution systems, water treatment plants, water and wastewater lines, highways, roads, bridges, rail lines, mass transit systems, airfields, dams, levees, ports, public parks, telecommunications networks and data centers," said Gould.

"In today’s environment, the conditions and constraints under which infrastructure must perform are increasingly challenging," said ISI Executive Director Bill Bertera. "Communities are facing new challenges arising from environmental regulations, ever more scarce financial resources and pressures associated with climate change and global warming. We need to respond to these conflicting priorities in ways that speak to broad public and societal interests." Bertera said. "The Envision Rating System is a part of the answer…to help us not only do the projects right, but to do the right projects."

Burns & McDonnell’s concentration of over 100 employee-owners credentialed in the Envision program is part of the company’s commitment to improve how teams design, build and operate infrastructure — spanning the entire project life cycle from conceptual planning through the point when resources are repurposed or recycled decades later. "Our company is committed to continuous innovation in design and construction through application of the Envision process on critical public and private sector infrastructure projects," said Gould.