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Building Systems Design, Inc. releases cloud-based specifications SaaS

ATLANTA – Building Systems Design, Inc. announced the availability of a cloud-based version of its flagship specifications product, BSD SpecLink-E. Dubbed “SLE Cloud,” this software service has all the advantages of the SQL Server database product that thousands of users have already installed on their local- and wide-area networks, with additional benefits attributable to Internet access. Released in conjunction with the national convention of the American Institute of Architects in Chicago, the new SLE Cloud is being demonstrated to AIA members at McCormick Center June 26-28 and concurrently to existing and prospective new customers via the World Wide Web.

Because all the software is installed remotely, subscribers to the cloud-based version can access BSD SpecLink-E from any device that provides Internet access, including Apple laptops, desktops, iPads and iPhones, Android tablets and phones, as well as Windows-based devices. There are no known firewall issues, and multiple users can easily collaborate on any project, regardless of where they happen to be located on the globe. Another major advantage of SLE Cloud is the fact that all hardware, software, and data maintenance and updating are the responsibility of BSD, so all IT expense is included in the annual subscription price — which also provides unlimited telephone support.

BSD SpecLink-E includes a massive database of over 640 master guide specifications for building projects that can be collapsed or expanded to produce outline, short form, or full construction specifications. BSD recently replaced quarterly updating of the SpecLink data with on-demand updates and automatic updating that can be set at any frequency desired, including daily downloads. The data in SLE Cloud will be updated constantly and thus will be providing users with immediate access to the most current specification content available anywhere. Because the underlying software employs a relational database that adds new or revised information as separate records instead of deleting obsolete data, the updates are automatically included in any new project but can be ignored, globally accepted, or considered individually in any project that is already underway.

Robert Paul Dean, FAIA, FCSI, is president of BSD and an enthusiastic proponent of this latest labor-saving iteration of the company's premier product. According to Dean, “SLE Cloud offers significant but different advantages to both the smallest and the largest architectural and engineering firms. Small companies will appreciate the fact that specifications can now be prepared in the office or at home on the weekends without the need to carry a laptop back and forth. Large companies with multiple offices will be able to standardize their specifications from one location to the next and collaborate with consultants wherever they happen to be.”