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Builders & Developers See Growing Demand for Community-Based Transportation

Builders & Developers See Growing Demand for Community-Based Transportation

Beep Industry Survey Illustrates Communities with Established Transportation Services Attract More Home Buyers & Increase Home Values  

ORLANDO, FL A recent industry survey by Beep, a Florida-based autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) and technology provider, illustrates the opportunities builders and developers have in creating more community-based transportation and / or driverless shuttle services for their communities.

Beep commissioned the online survey during March and presented questions to more than 2,500 builders and developers throughout the U.S. to take their pulse on community-based transportation services either within their communities, or those planned in the near future.

A growing number of residents living inside planned communities are expressing more desire to have community-wide transportation services that are designed with mobility in mind, accessible throughout all areas of the community and points of interest, environmentally friendly and safe. Builders and developers have taken notice and are realizing the growing benefits such networks and services have on strengthening the overall community, attracting future residents and the impact these systems have on property values.

Adoption of Community-based Transportation

  • More than 1/3 of builders and developers surveyed said their communities currently include some form of community-based transportation and / or driverless shuttle services.
  • Another 12% say they are currently planning implementation. 
  • Of these, bikes (40%), driverless shuttles (36%), and electric scooters (31%) makeup the largest types of transportation options. 

Impact Transportation Services has on Home Values

  • More than 2/3 of builders and developers now believe community-based transportation and/or driverless shuttle services would add value to homes in their communities.
  • Half believe it could bring an additional 4% – 6% increase in value to homes in the community.
  • 56% believe new resident attraction represents the largest motivating factor for the implementation of such systems, followed by enhanced services for residents (52%), and added overall revenue (50%).

Community Demand and Usage

  • More than 2/3 of builders and developers said residents would most benefit from increased mobility for leisure activities.
  • 57% said mobility for work, and mobility for kids’ activities (53%). 
  • Nearly 30% said upwards of a quarter of all residents would use these services.

“This data reinforces that builders and developers share our same beliefs that alternative, safer and accessible community-based transportation services provide great benefits both socially and economically for the areas and people they serve,” said Joe Moye, CEO of Beep. “Autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service transportation options are still a relatively new concept for many of these communities, but millions of Americans have already embraced new forms of connectivity and now are interested in finding better alternatives for the communities in which they live, work and play.”

Headquartered in Lake Nona, a 17-square-mile, neo-urban community by Tavistock Development Company in Orlando, Florida, Beep is leading the largest and longest running autonomous vehicle network at a single-site in the United States with five routes, eight shuttles connecting nearly 10 key destinations. Beep is under contract with over eight communities, transit operators and municipalities in throughout the country.  Beep also has developed a very strong working relationship with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and are the only AV service provider currently participating in NHTSA’s AV TEST Data Sharing Initiative launched in September 2020 by USDOT.    

About Beep 

Beep is a mobility services and technology innovator delivering the next generation of transportation utilizing driverless, electric, multi-passenger vehicles. We specialize in planning, deploying and managing advanced autonomous shuttlein both public and private communities seeking to more safely connect people, places and services in first-mile, last-mile mobility networks within controlled speed areas.  Our mission is to enable mobility for all with the services we provide.  Beep also leverages the data and learnings from each live deployment to produce vehicle agnostic, edge solutions which are advancing the safety, access, artificial-intelligence and driverless operating capabilities of autonomous platforms thus advancing the use of these new, innovative, environmentally friendly transportation solutions.  For more information visit: www.go-beep.com