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Brownie’s Marine Group Announces BLU3’s shipment of its 1,000th Nemo

Brownie’s Marine Group Announces BLU3’s shipment of its 1,000th Nemo

Pompano Beach, Florida – Brownies Marine Group, Inc., a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of tankless dive equipment and high pressure air and industrial compressors in the marine industry, announces today that its wholly owned subsidiary, BLU3, Inc. shipped their 1,000th Nemo. The Nemo is the next generation electric surface supplied air diving system launched in Q4, 2019.

“It’s exciting to see something you have worked so hard on gain acceptance worldwide, and with the 1,000th unit on its way to Australia we are excited to be introducing Nemo diving to a new consumer base.” Says Blake Carmichael, CEO of BLU3, Inc. “We are working hard to build a brand that promotes the diving industry in an environmentally friendly manner, and look towards our next iteration, Nomad, to take consumers deeper while remaining very portable. Our goal is to have Nomad in production by Q3, 2021”

With the expanding BLU3 product line leading into the Brownie’s Third Lung product line, Brownie’s Marine Group will be able to offer the consumer the full vertical integration of the diving experience. Both companies will continue to innovate, and look to make our products intriguing for the consumer as well as environmentally friendly.

Chris Constable, CEO states, “We are excited for the future for Blake and his team at BLU3, their hard work is coming to fruition and their innovations will drive innovation within the entire Brownie family line of products. Their segment of the business is a key link in creating further value to our stockholders.”

About Brownie’s Marine Group

Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc., is the parent company to a family of innovative brands with a unique concentration in the industrial and recreational diving industry. The Company, together with its subsidiaries, designs, tests, manufactures, and distributes recreational hookah diving, yacht-based scuba air compressors and nitrox generation systems, and scuba and water safety products in the United States and internationally. The Company has three subsidiaries: Trebor Industries, Inc., founded in 1981, dba as “Brownie’s Third Lung”; BLU3, Inc.; and Brownie’s High-Pressure Services, Inc., dba LW Americas. The Company is headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida.

For more information, visit: www.BrowniesMarineGroup.com.