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BrandSafway Granted 14 Patents in 2020

BrandSafway Granted 14 Patents in 2020

Driving innovation, improving safety and increasing productivity with new and better solutions for customers

Kennesaw, Georgia, USA (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BrandSafway, a leading provider of access, scaffolding, forming, shoring and specialized services to the global industrial, commercial and infrastructure markets, was granted a total of 14 patents and filed for an additional 16 new patents in 2020.

“BrandSafway is committed to innovation and to continually raising the bar in safety and productivity,” said Vishnu Irigireddy, vice president of Global Access Engineering at BrandSafway. “We promote an open and innovative culture, engaging customers and field operations to explore new ideas, products and technologies, which create more value. We deliver products and services with cutting edge technologies as industry-firsts that challenge the status quo and energize the market place.”

BrandSafway leads the industry with patented or proprietary products like the QuikDeck® Suspended Access System, which creates a factory-floor-like platform in the air, reducing craft labor by up to 35% or more; BrandNet®, which increases productivity on jobsites through access optimization; and refractory solutions such as BrandTech® Precision Welding and the Quik-X™ Refractory Anchoring System.

“BrandSafway is continually investing in the advancement of safety, engineering and innovation in our industry,” said Irigireddy. “We’re always looking to identify new, forward-thinking ideas. Our advanced engineering team has a pipeline of innovative solutions that solve age-old industry problems through improved battery solutions, longer-span infrastructure products, better equipment for climbing, and smarter safety in hoists.”

About BrandSafway
With a commitment to safety as its foremost value, BrandSafway provides the broadest range of solutions with the greatest depth of expertise to the industrial, commercial and infrastructure markets. Through a network of 340 strategic locations across 30 countries and more than 38,000 employees, BrandSafway delivers a full range of forming, shoring, scaffolding, work access and industrial service solutions. BrandSafway supports maintenance and refurbishment projects as well as new construction and expansion plans with unmatched service from expert local labor and management. Today’s BrandSafway is At Work For You™ — leveraging innovation and economies of scale to increase safety and productivity, while remaining nimble and responsive. For more information about BrandSafway, visit www.brandsafway.com.