Washington, D.C. — How will “big data” impact transportation systems in our cities and towns? When will highways be fully equipped with internet capability? What will America’s transportation network look like by 2030? Participants at the fourth annual Dr. J. Don Brock “TransOvation Workshop” will explore these and other questions at the Nov. 17-19 event, hosted by Microsoft at its headquarters near Seattle.

Matt Wallaert, a Microsoft behavioral scientist working at the intersection of technology and human behavior, will deliver the keynote speech on Monday, Nov. 17. After several years in academia and two successful startups, he leads a team of experts who use technology and science (including his specialty, social psychology) to help people live happier, healthier lives. As a frequent speaker on the science of behavior change, he will share insights to help attendees start thinking about new ideas and concepts.

TransOvation is an interactive learning event that aims to stimulate innovative thinking among transportation design, construction and management executives. Attendees will be challenged to develop strategic business plans for the transportation construction industry that anticipate technological, social, political, economic and demographic changes in order to meet U.S. mobility needs over the next 15 years. Building on TransOvation’s 2013 theme, which focused on autonomous vehicles and infrastructure, participants will work in teams to visualize how emerging technologies could drastically change the nation’s transportation network. They will also explore how to be open to change in order to help their companies navigate potential new markets.              

Other “big thinkers” on the workshop agenda include HNTB’s Ted Zoli, HC Bridge Company’s John Hillman and 3M’s Raymond Chiu, who will each share their personal secrets for thinking outside of the box.                

A special reception will take place Nov. 17 to present the 2014 TransOvation Awards, which honor innovative transportation infrastructure-related products, services, technologies that improve safety, save taxpayer time and money, or make our nation’s infrastructure more environmentally sustainable. Nominations are due by Oct. 3.

Space is limited. Professional Development Hours are also available. Contact ARTBA’s Allison Klein at awenograd@artba.org for more details.