Redwood City, Calif. — Fracta, Inc. and Utility Services Associates announced a partnership to bring the power of big data and machine learning to the water industry, and help utilities save money and minimize water loss. As of January 2018, Utility Services Associates will offer Fracta leak detection technology, including Fracta-LT, which identifies key water mains causing a majority of water main breaks for utilities.

As water infrastructure in the United States continues to age, billions of gallons of non-revenue water are lost daily due to leaky pipes. In addition to wasting a precious resource, this puts a strain on utilities who are increasingly responsible for monitoring, locating and reporting water loss from their systems. Typically, 75 percent of water main-related leaks occur in just 25 percent of water main pipes, but identifying the worst pipes is often costly and challenging. Using Fracta-LT’s machine learning assessment to locate the worst-performing pipes can deliver three times the number of found leaks compared to a randomly chosen area. Focusing on the worst pipes with the highest likelihood of failure helps drive down operational costs and decrease non-revenue water loss.

“We believe this is going to revolutionize pipe condition assessment and the leak detection and water loss industry.  It’s more important than ever to leverage the incredible technology available to help guide infrastructure decisions and ensure efficient spending,” said Rob Meston, President of Utility Services Associates. “Fracta embodies the kind of cutting-edge, cost-effective solution we’re committed to bringing our clients, and their product was a perfect fit for us.”

“It’s not an elephant but a gazelle that moves fast, grabbing innovative technologies and distributing to the market first. Today, machine learning helps water system operators detect leaks in water pipes more efficiently, much like CAD did in designing water systems in the 1970s,” said Takashi Kato, CEO & cofounder of Fracta, Inc. “Utility Services Associates is the ideal, trusted partner for us to prove the value of this technology. Together, we are committed to providing the best solution to help water utilities in the United States.”

The partnership demonstrates the water industry’s growing demand for efficient, technology-driven products like Fracta-LT, as well as Utility Services Associates’ continued commitment to intelligent and cost-effective solutions.

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