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Better through beamUp

Better through beamUp

Maximum openings in reinforced-concrete construction

The patented beamUp developed by 95 Construction offers the possibility of guiding pipes and ducts of the technical building equipment running underneath a slab through a reinforced concrete beam without interference. The core is a steel element integrated into the beam.

Anything is possible

Beam dimensions, position, and size of the beam recesses, ceiling systems, and their spans can be varied to the maximum with beamUp. Components of the building’s technical equipment – e.g., ventilation ducts, pipelines, or electrical lines – can be routed through the beam without collision and by the shortest route. The full height of the beam is used so that the clear room height remains unaffected. Insitu concrete, precast or prestressed concrete slabs can be supported by the beamUp. The beamUp can be used in new construction, as a precast element, or in existing buildings.


Especially in buildings with a high degree of technical equipment – e.g., underground car parks, research facilities, event and theater halls, or shopping centers – the beamUp has great advantages. But also, when buildings are converted, there are opportunities for simple subsequent installations and flexible retrofitting.

Cost savings included

The beamUp not only saves space and material. Its high degree of prefabrication, largely weather-independent production, and simple assembly procedure significantly reduce construction time. Fire resistance is largely ensured by the reinforced concrete. Only steel parts not in contact with concrete must be provided with a fire protection coating if necessary.


For the dimensioning of the beamUp, a specially developed web-based tool – our configurator – is available. Using individual input values, internal forces are calculated and verifications according to Eurocode are carried out in an interactive process within a short time. In the process, each component is optimized in terms of load-bearing capacity and cost-effectiveness. The result is a fully dimensioned beamUp. The design tool is located on the website in the form of a configurator. We are currently working on implementing North American Codes into the configurator and will manually configure all requests for this region until then.