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BESIX, Jan De Nul and Franki Construct start construction of the Brussels metro station Toots Thielemans for STIB

BESIX, Jan De Nul and Franki Construct start construction of the Brussels metro station Toots Thielemans for STIB

  • This project is part of the construction of the new Brussels metro line 3, which will connect Vorst/Forest to Evere by the end of 2030, running right through the city centre. Line 3 will improve connectivity, services and comfort for travellers.
  • This contract includes the construction of the Toots Thielemans subway station, two tunnel elements and, at a later stage, the extension and renovation of the Lemonnier tram station.
  • The works will be carried out in phases, with phase 1 from 2020-2025 and phase 2 from 2025-2028.
  • Joint Venture T.M. Toots will carry out the works and consists of construction companies BESIX, Jan De Nul Group and Franki Construct.
  • The client is the Brussels transport company STIB.
  • The project has a total value of 174.95 million euros.

In the presence of Brussels Minister of Mobility and Public Works Elke Van den Brandt and the CEO of the STIB Brieuc de Meeûs, the construction of the Brussels Toots Thielemans subway station officially kicked off in Brussels. For the next eight years client STIB, and contractor T.M. Toots, will carry out the works for the first phase of the new Brussels metro line 3 between the Brussels-North Station and the Albert Station in Vorst.

Description of the works

The Toots Thielemans subway station, the Lemonnier tram station and the two tunnel elements are all located between the Brussels-Midi station and the Anneessens district, in the heart of the Belgian capital.

The works include the civil engineering and construction works on the subway station, the Lemonnier tram station upgrade and the two tunnel elements of metro line 3.

The works on the tunnels and the Toots Thielemans subway station started in September 2020 in order to put the new metro into service by 2025. The works on the Lemonnier tram station will follow between 2025 and 2028.

  • Toots Thielemans Subway station: the station, formerly known as ‘Constitution’, is located under the Avenue de Stalingrad, between the stations Brussels-Midi and Anneessens. With a length of 233 m, the station will consist of two platforms on level -2 and three mezzanines for the counters and entrances to the platforms. These will be accessible via the Boulevard du Midi and the Palais du Midi Brussels, and will also connect to the Lemonnier tram station via a new pedestrian tunnel.
  • Lemonnier Tram station: the new Lemonnier station will remain at its current location. The 246 m long stop will have 1 central platform at level -2. Two mezzanines, one extending over the entire length of the station, will run above the tracks and connect to the current entrance of the station via a footbridge. Thanks to the modification works, the entire station will be accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • Tunnels of line 3: the first tunnel section is 300 m long and will connect the Toots Thielemans station to the existing tunnel towards Brussels-Midi. The second tunnel, with a length of 210 m, will be largely built under the existing Palais du Midi building, and will provide a link between the subway station and the existing tunnel section towards Anneessens.

BESIX, Jan De Nul and Franki Construct are delighted to put their expertise at the service of Brussels Mobility. We are aware of the considerable challenges entailed by this project, particularly at a technical level, and of the high expectations of the client, public transport users and the surrounding neighbourhoods. However, our client, STIB, will be able to count on our full cooperation in order to achieve the highest quality infrastructure.” – Geert Versweyveld, Project Director of T.M. Toots.

Nuisance reduction plan

As the works take place above and underground, in a densely populated area with many shops, the Joint Venture T.M. Toots will work together with the STIB, the Brussels Region, the city of Brussels and the township Gillis according to a comprehensive nuisance reduction plan that takes into account local residents and traders.

Nuisance reduction measures include using working methods that produce less noise and vibration, and keep to an absolute minimum the storage and working space occupied. A new roundabout will be built to divert traffic on the inner ring road of Brussels to further reduce nuisance.

The option for some traders to transfer their shop to the newly inaugurated and temporary ‘Stalingrad Village’ in September is also part of that nuisance reduction plan.

With a heart for climate and society

During the project T.M. Toots will cooperate closely with the STIB to offer internships and training opportunities to help employ the under privileged and people with disabilities. In addition, the joint venture will call on Brussels jobseekers for specific tasks such as exterior finishing, masonry, floor covering and paintwork as a part of local integration projects.

Moreover, T.M. Toots will also actively work towards a reduction, and at the same time, extensive monitoring, of the carbon footprint of the works.