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Berlin Steel and Simon Design join forces to create hybrid parking garages

KENSINGTON, Ct. – After years of independent and joint delivery of parking garages, Berlin Steel Construction and Simon Design Engineering have combined efforts to form Hybrid Parking Garages. Hybrid offers parking owners creative and alternative parking solutions focused on the delivery of real value and cost savings. Since the Hybrid approach is not based on a pre-established system, Hybrid can focus on parking costs starting from initial planning , and then match a solution to the client’s needs.

Working in conjunction with the owner’s design and construction teams, with all resources necessary within our control, Hybrid provides a systemized approach to parking based on their collective and deep understanding of materials. Utilizing the best value that different materials can offer, Hybrid Parking Garages are more cost effective and durable than systems based solely on vendor manufacturing requirements.

Combining financial stability, $100,000,000 in bonding capacity, and the collective parking design and construction experience of our well established firms provides our clients with an economical, streamlined and frictionless delivery of their parking needs across all phases of project delivery.

Hybrid’s systemized approach to parking allows for comparative costing and easy contract terms.