EXTON, PA. — Bentley Systems has announced the launch of STUDENTserver, an intuitive website offering available at no charge to schools participating in the Be Careers Network Academic SELECT Subscription program.

STUDENTserver provides all students and faculty at these schools with easy, self-serve access to the same commercial-grade software used by leading architects, engineers, and owner-operators to design, build, and operate the world’s infrastructure. It includes access to unlimited training, learning transcripts, professional networking opportunities on Be Communities, and more. Featuring automatic fulfillment, STUDENTserver is extremely easy for schools to administer.

It registers students for services from Bentley, distributes software for home use, provides licenses to students and faculty, and maintains the software licenses and training. This means schools can now provide students and faculty with the more than 50 software products and unlimited training available through Academic SELECT without adding to their administrators’ workloads. STUDENTserver’s extensive resources help students acquire in-depth knowledge of advanced design and engineering software and hone their skills in applying this technology — enabling them to become job ready upon graduation.

Commenting on the new service, Claude Junkins, instructor for the School of Engineering Technology and coordinator of Engineering Support Services, University of Maine, said, “The new STUDENTserver streamlines the process of accessing Bentley’s expanding library of learning resources and software. At the same time, it relieves the burden that our campus administrators typically face in responding to multiple, urgent requests for software from students and faculty. It’s a win for everyone.”

Scott Lofgren, global director of the Be Careers Network, added, “The powerful combination of STUDENTserver and Bentley’s Academic SELECT Subscription enables educators to conveniently and cost-effectively provide students hands-on experience with professional-grade software for sustaining infrastructure, giving them a substantial competitive edge in the jobs market. Our research shows that STUDENTserver will reduce the burden of software administration and distribution to students and faculty by as much as 90 percent, and we are pleased to offer this valuable addition to our Be Careers program at no charge.”

Getting the new STUDENTserver up and running at schools is quick and easy. Administrators secure a single school code, email it to faculty and students, and the system is ready to fulfill requests for all the architectural, engineering, construction, and geospatial software and training needed to support classroom work. Faculty and students then access the STUDENTserver by entering the code.

For additional information about Bentley’s STUDENTserver, please visit www.bentley.com/students.