PHILADELPHIA — Be Together: The Be Communities LIVE Conference — At this gathering of infrastructure professionals, Bentley Systems Inc. today announced the immediate availability of the Structural Engineer for Plant Design Passport Subscription. 

Bentley’s Passport Subscriptions offer named users an affordable alternative to perpetual license purchases. For a single annual fee, a discipline-specific Passport Subscription provides access to the full range of software, training, and content the practitioner’s project mix requires.

Through this “professional upgrade” in software toolset and skills, individual practitioners quickly make their work more valuable. The additional value created is passed on to constituents in the form of higher-quality projects delivered in less time and at lower costs.

The Structural Engineer for Plant Design Passport Subscription makes available the right balance of software for analyzing, designing, documenting, and detailing industrial plant models. It includes STAAD.Pro V8i, STAAD.Pro Advanced Analysis Module, STAAD.Foundation, ProSteel Professional V8i, RAM Connection V8i, ProjectWise Passport, ProjectWise Navigator V8i, Structural Synchronizer V8i, and Structural Dashboard V8i.

Joe Croser, Bentley global marketing director, said : “Our Structural Engineer for Plant Design Passport Subscription allows individual practitioners to employ the same world-class information modeling best practices that give larger firms and other organizations a competitive edge. These capabilities, which include highly flexible modeling, advanced analysis and design, and the ability to fully participate in multidisciplinary, integrated project workflows, immediately advance the value of their work and open the door to new project opportunities. And the cost of this Passport Subscription, which provides access to tens of thousands of dollars in software and training, is only a few hundred dollars a month.”

Bentley Passport Subscriptions offer:
• an affordable alternative to purchasing combinations of multiple software products (some used relatively infrequently), separate training, and content, thus eliminating cost and budget obstacles, and accelerating economic returns;
• a wide selection of conveniently configured application suites corresponding to common professional work roles, in each case increasing competitive edge and enabling high-quality project contributions;
• unlimited access to LIVE Training — via virtual classroom — and OnDemand eLearning, speeding time-to-productivity, reducing time out of office, and eliminating travel costs;
• self-service or assisted support “24x7x365” from Bentley software experts, whose commitment is to help maintain productivity and to keep projects on schedule; and
• unlimited access to software updates based on project needs throughout the subscription term.

For more information about Bentley’s Structural Engineer for Plant Design Passport Subscription, please visit