An elementary school in Connecticut was in need of a new closed circuit cooling tower to keep students cool. Fifteen years ago, they purchased a unit that was low profile to fit with the town’s strict aesthetic and sound policies. Maintenance was very hard since there was less than one foot of space between the unit and the parapet wall.
The engineer Rich Sileo from Landmark Facilities Group was brought in to find a solution. At first, he worked with the local BAC Representative Carmine DeFeo of Guy DeFeo Company to replace the existing unit with two smaller similar style units. Then, the Nexus™ Modular Hybrid Cooler was introduced and was the best choice for this project.
Its simplified modular design has ample space for ease of maintenance and meets the building’s future expansion cooling requirements. The school also liked its premium materials of stainless steel and Thermosetting Hybrid Polymer for maximum uptime and reliability, and no required field passivation meant a faster startup.
The rigging and installation went smoothly even in tight space available. The smaller size and modular design of the Nexus Cooler meant that rigging took under ½ hour to complete. The original i-beam support could also be reused since the Nexus Cooler has a smaller footprint. School is now in session and the building remains cool!
Challenge: Maintenance was nearly impossible on the old closed circuit cooling tower with less than one foot of space available to maintain the unit.
Solution: The Nexus™ Modular Hybrid Cooler was the best choice for fit, easiest maintenance, fastest installation and startup, lowest operating cost, highest reliability, and premium materials.
Result: School is now in session and the building remains cool! The customer was pleased and plans to replace units at more local schools with the Nexus Cooler.