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AVX is Showcasing its Extensive Portfolio of Component Solutions for RF & Optical Communications at OFC 2020

AVX is Showcasing its Extensive Portfolio of Component Solutions for RF & Optical Communications at OFC 2020

Leading engineers from AVX & subsidiary American Technical Ceramics Corp. (ATC) will be on-site to promote an array of passive components optimized for RF & optical communications applications, including ultra-broadband & thin-film capacitors & resistors, thermal conductors, attenuators, & inductors

FOUNTAIN INN, S.C.(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced electronic components and interconnect, sensor, control, and antenna solutions, is showcasing an extensive range of passive component solutions for RF and optical communications applications at the 2020 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC), which will take place March 8–12 in San Diego, California.

Globally recognized as the leading international trade show for optical communications and networking professionals, OFC highlights the latest research, technologies, trends, and product solutions in data centers, network equipment and software, testing and manufacturing equipment, active and passive components, cable, fiber, and various other segments of the RF and optical communications industry. OFC 2020 features a comprehensive conference program replete with five full days of enriching technical sessions, workshops, exhibition, and special events and is expected to welcome more than 180 speakers, 700 exhibitors, and 15,000 attendees from 70 countries.

The AVX exhibit at OFC 2020 will focus on advanced passive component solutions engineered for evolving RF and optical networking and communications applications including next-generation data centers, 5G infrastructure, edge computing, smart cities, and V2X communication. Leading engineers from AVX and its subsidiary American Technical Ceramics Corp. (ATC) will be on-site to introduce attendees to the unique features and benefits of an array of high-performance ceramic, thin-film, and specialty components ranging from ultra-broadband and thin-film capacitors and resistors to thermal conductors, attenuators, and inductors.

Ceramic component highlights include the ruggedly constructed, ultraminiature (0402/1005) UBR Series ultra-broadband resistors, which feature a 125mW power rating, a wider frequency range than competing products, and AVX’s proprietary FLEXITERM® surface-mount technology (SMT) and provide optimal power, frequency, mechanical flexure, and temperature cycling performance in optoelectronic, broadband, automotive, telecom, and satellite communications applications. Its range of high-frequency, high-performance single-layer ceramic (SLC) capacitors for broadband applications, which are available with or without borders and with dielectric constants ranging from 14 (NP0) to more than 30,000 (X7R), will also be on display.

AVX thin-film components on display at OFC include its ultraminiature, thin-film transmission line capacitors, which have a novel metal-insulator-metal (MIM) structure, copper traces for optimal circuit conductivity, and a wide range of capacitance values (0.3–50pF with a ±20% tolerance) and are developed using a high-frequency structure simulator to proactively address any electromagnetic challenges and provide the highest possible RF performance and reliability in high-frequency link and DC blocking applications in the UHF range (300MHz – 3GHz). Additional highlights include other discrete thin-film capacitors, its custom thin-film resistor networks, which offer unique solutions to complex circuit protection, voltage regulation, instrument matching, RF impedance, and circuit miniaturization challenges, and thin-film passive component solutions custom designed to deliver highly competitive performance in a wide range of broadband, telecommunications, optoelectronic, and RF applications, including various series of chip modulesfilterswire-bondable interposers, and surface-mount RC equalizer networks.

AVX’s OFC 2020 exhibit will also showcase its extensive range of specialty passive components, including the new Q-Bridge thermal conductors and AF Series SMT attenuators, both of which are manufactured with the highest quality materials to deliver reliable, repeatable performance in even the most demanding RF and optical communications applications. Constructed with aluminum nitride (AIN) or beryllium oxide (BeO), the Q-Bridge conductors exhibit high thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance and capacitance, and high reliability and provide cost-effective thermal management solutions in applications including GaN and RF power power amplifiers, filters, synthesizers, industrial computers, switch-mode power supplies, and pin and laser diodes. Featuring a thin-film design constructed of AIN, the AF Series SMT attenuators offer best-in-class power ratings (up to 1W); exhibit very stable characterisitics over temperature and time, even current distribution and accurate attenuation from DC to 20GHz, and virtually flat loss over a broad frequency spectrum; and are ideal for use in impedance matching, input padding, signal level tuning, and other critical RF applications.

Other passive component solutions on display at the AVX OFC 2020 exhibit include selections from AVX’s extensive range of RF inductors, couplers, filters, diplexers, and crossovers, as well as ATC’s 500 Series millimeter-wave SMT capacitors for broadband applications, 506WLC Series high-frequency, ultra-broadband, tight-tolerance inductors530Z and 531Z Series broadband MLCCs560 L Series UBC™ ultra-broadband capacitors, and its 600 Series ultra-low ESR, NP0 multilayer ceramic RF capacitors. AVX and ATC will also highlight their range of engineered thin-film solutions, which offers a wide range of custom hybrid circuits and other uniue microelectronic, thin-film solutions designed to satisfy both the high-frequency and superior performance demands of optical market applications.

“OFC is the leading global conference and exhibition for the optical networking and communications industry, innovations in which are becoming ever-more critical as data demands steadily increase across market segments spanning telecom to automotive and industrial to transportation,” said Richard Eberhart, Director, Sales RFS North America at AVX. “AVX has participated in this illustrious event for several years now and is excited to exhibit alongside our colleagues from ATC at OFC 2020 and introduce attendees to our extensive array of advanced passive component technologies field-proven to provide high-reliability performance optimized for RF and optical communications applications.”

For more information about AVX’s OFC 2020 exhibition, please visit them on-site at booth 2120. For all other inquiries, please visit www.avx.com, email inquiry@avx.com, follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter, like them on Facebook, call 864-967-2150, or write to One AVX Boulevard, Fountain Inn, S.C. 29644.