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Avvir Joins Hexagon AB, Announces New Integrations and Product Enhancements

Avvir Joins Hexagon AB, Announces New Integrations and Product Enhancements

Avvir, a reality analysis company providing a system of record for buildings to the construction industry, recently announced that it has joined the Geosystems division of Hexagon AB, strengthening its Smart Digital Reality[TM] capabilities. By integrating with Hexagon, Avvir gained access to a suite of reality capture solutions and services allowing the company to continue developing solutions for an autonomous workflow approach to construction. On the heels of that announcement, Avvir is announcing the launch of a new integration with DroneDeploy, and enhancements to its financial tracking product.

Avvir is launching Avvir Cost Beta to support construction site managers in their efforts to track project and scope costs against their Schedule of Values, providing unparalleled financial visibility to the actual earned value. Avvir Cost also allows users to view comments within the 3D viewer of the project in order to visually contextualize subcontractor’s justifications of costs with a detailed analysis of the work that’s been completed. Understanding that some costs are sensitive, subcontractors within the platform will only be able to view tracking details that they are granted explicit permissions to. Avvir has also integrated with DroneDeploy to allow users of that technology to seamlessly integrate their existing images into Avvir’s system, eliminating the need to duplicate any work.

“Everything we build at Avvir is designed to enable smarter construction sites. Access to Hexagon has allowed us to accelerate our product development, enabling us to deliver more value to our users more quickly,” said Matt Curry, Head of Product at Avvir. “Looking ahead we’re excited to continue to tap what’s now in our disposal to better integrate with best-in-class solutions offered by Hexagon to make our experience even more seamless.”

In addition to Avvir Cost and the DoneDeploy integration, Avvir has also made a slew of other product updates aimed at improving the overall workflow for construction industry professionals. Some of these updates include, improvements to quality control workflows that enable seamless corrections between Avvir and other platforms like Revizto, a Do Not Track option, to allow users to opt out of tracking unnecessary items and algorithm performance improvements to improve the prediction ability.

Looking ahead, Avvir is currently working on product enhancements that will improve the ability for users to customize their workflow within the platform to support their individual processes. For more information on Avvir please visit Avvir.io

Avvir’s BIM-focused reality analysis platform gives construction teams control with automated schedule tracking, cost and earned value analysis, installation issue detection, and an updated BIM with as-built conditions. Avvir delivers the only hardware agnostic platform that not only provides critical insights but closes the loop by updating the BIM, allowing customers to focus on solving issues, not finding them. Avvir is based in New York City and serves customers all across North America, Europe and Japan, including AECOM, Related, Columbia and DPR. Learn more at avvir.io.