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Autodesk and Unity expand collaboration

Autodesk and Unity expand collaboration

Las Vegas — Autodesk and Unity have been working together for a year to provide tighter integration between Unity’s platform and Autodesk’s design tools, including 3ds Max and Maya, to provide “one click” access to rich interactive 2D, 3D, VR and AR experiences. Now, Autodesk and Unity are teaming up to bring visualization and real-time experiences to more industries: Automotive; Architecture, Engineering and Construction and additional Media & Entertainment customers.

Working with Unity means designers, engineers, construction and creative professionals using Autodesk software can quickly connect, collaborate, create, and deploy immersive, real-time experiences using their CAD or CGI data. This enables them to make better-informed decisions about the outcome of designs, projects, and productions. And because Unity reaches 25+ platforms spanning the worlds of AR, VR and mobile, projects can be seen and experienced on almost any device, from anywhere.

These future integrations will enable:

Revit — Users can turn Revit models into an immersive experience with one click, helping architects virtually understand, explore, and share their designs with various project stakeholders. By interacting with a 3D model, users can identify and correct design errors in a digital environment, before construction begins. This can help save both time and money – valuable resources when undertaking a construction project.

Importing BIM data into Unity

VRED — The integration between Unity and VRED connects the automotive ecosystem and helps automotive professionals make better decisions, faster and accelerate time-to-market. The integration will enable extended capabilities and efficient workflows, leveraging the re-use of high-fidelity VRED data for downstream interactive applications like Marketing, Point-of-Sales and immersive training environments. See it in action, here.

Shotgun — Autodesk and Unity are working on an integrated solution that will make it easier for teams using Unity in film, television and gaming to more easily manage multiple asset types (Alembic, USD, FBX, etc.) with Shotgun. Artists will no longer worry about managing files; they are free to focus on their creative work. Animators and modelers will be able to work in the context of a sequence and get real-time feedback on changes in lighting, camera location, or asset selection. Tracking the resulting analytics will provide supervisors with a more accurate evaluation of artist management, helping deliver a better product.

Learn how to take advantage of the full potential of VR, AR and Mobile, and explore how these integrations will benefit you at https://unity3d.com/partners/autodesk.