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Aurecon expands water and coastal expertise with experienced hire in Singapore

<strong>Aurecon expands water and coastal expertise with experienced hire in Singapore</strong>

Singapore – International design, engineering and advisory company Aurecon has appointed Tracy Cheuk as its Market Director, Water, Coastal and Climate Change for Singapore to grow its expertise across these areas in the country.

According to the World Resources Institute, Singapore will be one of the most water-stressed countries in the world by 2040, exacerbated by climate change. Singapore, like many countries, will have to address the challenge of securing an adequate and affordable supply of water for its people, as demand for water continues to rise in tandem with population and economic growth. To that end, Singapore holds immense potential for the delivery of resilient water infrastructure, as well as water management solutions to meet its current and future water needs.

The appointment of Tracy is closely aligned with Aurecon’s Asia business growth strategy, and positions the company well to pursue opportunities in water infrastructure engineeringsustainability and climate change.