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Atlas Awarded $18 Million Contract to Service and Remediate Underground Storage Tanks

Atlas Awarded $18 Million Contract to Service and Remediate Underground Storage Tanks

Atlas Technical Consultants, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATCX) (“Atlas” or the “Company”), a leading Infrastructure and Environmental solutions provider, announced that it has been awarded an $18 million contract to inspect and service a network of underground storage tanks (UST) for a public agency client. The contract, which was included in second quarter 2022 backlog, has an initial term of three years with two one-year extension options.

Under the contract, Atlas engineers and technical staff will determine the extent of any release to the environment and develop plans to remediate any detected contamination to state-mandated cleanup levels. Atlas will be responsible for assessments, risk-based corrective actions, UST removals, design and installation of remediation systems, and site closure activities.

“Atlas is committed to helping our clients protect their communities by providing high-quality environmental services,” said Atlas CEO, L. Joe Boyer. “Given our successful track record in the market, familiarity with environmental standards, and extensive geographic reach, Atlas has one of the top UST inspection and remediation businesses in the United States. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers in this critical environmental market.”

The EPA’s UST program provides comprehensive set of regulatory standards for USTs containing petroleum or certain other hazardous materials to protect the environment and human health by reducing the number and severity of contamination events. As of September 2021, there were more than 560,000 USTs at approximately 194,000 facilities that are regulated by the UST program, and more than 1.9 million USTs have been closed since the program’s inception in 1984.