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Atkins asset management program contract for the Harris County Flood Control District

Atkins asset management program contract for the Harris County Flood Control District

HOUSTON, Texas, USAAtkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group, was selected to provide project management and engineering services to develop an asset management program for the Harris County Flood Control District. Atkins is developing a program that is comprehensive, easy to maintain and update, and provides outputs that support annual budget planning.

“Atkins is a proven industry leader, successfully guiding organizations in the management of their assets and systems in a sustainable way that optimizes their performance and minimizes risk and expenditures over the lifecycle of the assets,” said George Nash, CEO, Atkins North America. “Our comprehensive program enables the Flood Control District to confidently direct its maintenance funding, maximizing flood damage reduction infrastructure benefits for Harris County residents.”   

The Flood Control District operates and maintains an expansive system of more than 2,500 miles of stormwater drainage channels, detention basins and associated drainage infrastructure. Although the various infrastructure maintained by the Flood Control District lies within the 1,700 square miles of Harris County, the 23 watersheds that drain through Harris County span a 10-county, 4,500 square-mile area.

“To deliver an efficient, cost-effective solution, we are bringing innovations that are rooted in our knowledge of the Flood Control District’s opportunities and constraints including the use of drone technology and mobile data collection,” said Chad Richards, Atkins Project Manager.

Atkins will develop and deliver analytics and decision-support systems, facilities analysis and lifecycle cost modeling for three watersheds: Little Cypress Creek, Halls Bayou, and Vince Bayou. The solution will provide comprehensive, transparent decision-making tools to help maintain the complex network of infrastructure, assets, organizational structures, information systems and applications the Flood Control District operates within those watersheds. Ultimately, through lessons learned the Flood Control District will expand the asset management program to the entire county.