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At Major Tech Conference, Buro Happold Points to Future of Building Innovation

At Major Tech Conference, Buro Happold Points to Future of Building Innovation

Innovators from Buro Happold figure prominently at upcoming tech events including the Autodesk University conference in New Orleans, where the future of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) technology comes into view.

Two innovation leaders from Buro Happold — chief technology officer Alain Waha and the global lead for building information modeling (BIM), Michael Bartyzel — will present on new directions in industrialized construction and ways to mine and leverage the firm’s own vast pool of project data.

Also at the AU 2022 conference, held September 27-29 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, several key people from Buro Happold’s team will be collaborating and building on new initiatives propelling the firm’s growth. Among them are Jennifer Price, the new managing director for the Americas known for transforming organizations with a focus on people, technology and growth, and the firm’s Hackademies leader, Kayleigh Houde.

Jennifer Price

With a focus on uniting expertise and creating a computational collective, Buro Happold emphasizes centralized and accessible tech strategies to maximize their reach and potential application. Many of Buro Happold’s tech advances drive building performance and sustainability, addressing major issues facing our planet: carbon emissions and climate change, and he need for more equitable outcomes.

Automated and Accelerated
At Autodesk University this year, Buro Happold advances its expertise in mining its own projects data, as well as its success in the specialized arena of prefabricated and modular construction — the offsite, industrialized techniques becoming more and more prevalent today.

Alain Waha

In his talk “Accelerating Industrialized Construction Through Configurators for pDfMA,” the CTO Waha lays out a strategy to develop, prototype, and test platform solutions that Buro Happold devised with Grimshaw and Mace Construction. Stemming from an innovation program to support the U.K. government’s £35 billion project pipeline, the team created a common “kit of parts” and a digital toolchain to unlock the approach.

On the subject of learning from a firm’s own past experience, Buro Happold’s Bartyzel reveals “How to Easily Data Mine Revit, Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro, and Autodesk Construction Cloud for Your Benefits.” Merged with Buro Happold’s own internally developed tools, these approaches tackle the problem at an enterprise level, automatically collecting, sharing, and analyzing their constant stream of project information.


Kayleigh Houde

Building a Global Hackathon
Another Buro Happold tech leader and frequent AU presenter, Houde has been profiled recently by Autodesk University for her valuable contributions in technology and leading her firm’s Global Climate Hackathon. She also runs their Hackademies, a global series of events held in Dubai, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Warsaw, Berlin, Edinburgh, London and Los Angeles, a way the firm is “upskilling designers and engineers in visual programming and coding, as well as forging community connections to share expertise across disciplines.”