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ASTM International to sponsor workshop

W. CONSHOHOCKEN, PA. — A workshop on Implications of ASTM E60 Standards on Sustainability for Cement and Concrete will be held on June 14 at the Marriott Anaheim in Anaheim Calf. Sponsored by ASTM Committee C01 on Cement, the workshop is being held in conjunction with the June standards development meetings of the committee.

Sustainability is a key focal point for every manufacturing process in today’s society. This is particularly true for hydraulic cements and the various concrete products produced with them. Committee E60 on Sustainability has adopted standards that could have implications for cement and concrete-based building materials, including ASTM E1991, Standard Guide for Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Building Products, and ASTM E2129, Standard Practice for Data Collection for Sustainability Assessment of Building Products.

This workshop will introduce the concepts and terminology used in E60 standards to the cement and concrete standards development communities and facilitate collaborative efforts to provide E60 with the technical expertise of these communities regarding the manufacture of cement and concrete-based building products.

Online registration opens approximately eight weeks before the workshop and closes June 8. There is no fee to attend the workshop. For more information, please visit www.astm.org/c01work0611.htm.

Additional technical information is available from workshop co-chairs D. Stephen Lane, VTRC, Charlottesville, Va. (phone: (434) 293-1953; dsl5e@virginia.edu); or Jenny L. Hitch, Portland Cement Association, Vancouver, Wash. (phone: (702) 321-2114; jhitch@cement.org).