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SAN FRANCISCO—In late 2008, the organization dedicated to the business of managing architecture and engineering firms, formerly known as the Professional Services Management Association (PSMA), began operating under a new banner—the Association of A/E Business Leaders (AEBL). As AEBL, the group remains focused on offering the entire A/E industry an affordable resource for comprehensive training and advice in every management discipline.

"AEBL serves a vital role in the A/E industry," said Executive Director Kathryn Sprankle. "It is the only not-for-profit organization dedicated completely to management issues across the wide spectrum of the A/E industry. AEBL is the only group where you’ll find architects, engineers, and other A/E professionals sitting side-by-side, learning about management issues and being exposed to a variety of views and philosophies."

For more information or to contact AEBL, call or e-mail Sprankle at 415-713-5379 or kathrynsprankle@aebl.org, or visit the association’s website at www.aebl.org.