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Assignar Introduces New Platform Features to Improve Construction Operations

Assignar Introduces New Platform Features to Improve Construction Operations

Latest Technology Investments to Ease Processes, Improve Resource Scheduling and Enable Better Insights to Drive Growth

Assignar, the global leader in cloud-based construction operations and management, today introduces its latest round of new platform features to make operations, scheduling and overall processes more streamlined and efficient. These latest enhancements will make it easier for general and subcontractors to get the most out of Assignar, including a specific focus on improving the onboarding process and real-time insights made available in the platform.

“We’re always looking for opportunities to improve and ease processes for construction teams, especially as it relates to general onboarding and scheduling – things that we know are pain points for our customers,” explained Marcel Broekmaat, Chief Product Officer at Assignar. “Our latest round of enhancements is informed by our deep understanding of customer needs and feedback on how we can further improve productivity and overall business operations within the Assignar platform. A critical aspect of this is helping teams make better scheduling decisions, which will enable them to better view, assign and update shifts as more work is available.”

With these new and enhanced platform features, Assignar continues its commitment to providing easy-to-use construction software that keeps projects moving forward and on track – from management and scheduling to field data and analytics. The construction management software leader enables teams to run projects more efficiently and improve overall operations from day one.

The specific enhancements made to bring operations online, enable confident scheduling and better understand business insights include:

Assignar in 45

This new onboarding approach, Assignar in 45 Minutes, provides step-by-step resources, including video assets, to give users a quick understanding of the platform and the specific workflows that streamline operations. With this, Assignar empowers users to get more out of the platform, to stay on top of their projects and to resource more efficiently.

Assisted Data Import

To make it easier than ever to upload resources into the Assignar platform, the software provider introduced its new Assisted Import workflow, which helps save time from bulk manual entries. With this workflow, users can upload, map and correct their data; then, the Data Importer will use machine learning and artificial intelligence to normalize and structure the data. Once uploaded, teams have the resources needed to get projects up and running quicker within Assignar.

Signals, Shift Drawer and Assignments

With a specific focus on improving scheduling decisions, Assignar Signals™ within the Shift Drawer allows users to shift assignments and reschedule workers based on real-time insights and data. Assignar Signals provides in-platform indicators surrounding issues with a shift or workers assigned to a shift, including scheduling conflicts, compliance or skills issues, and more. These indicators are visible within the Shift Drawer, helping teams remove and replace people or assets based on current status. Ultimately, this also helps to maintain assignment statuses for all workers for better scheduling and understanding of overall operations.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Teams can now receive real-time reports and dive deeper into historical data to better understand their business with the new Assignar Insights. The forthcoming Insights landing page will make it even easier to find, filter and sort through data, dashboards and reports. Overall, this will provide teams with the analytics they need to evaluate overall performance and productivity and identify opportunities for improvement.

Assignar continues to expand and evaluate its product roadmap to ensure its platform and offerings are enabling teams to optimize construction operations. This includes sourcing feedback and ideas from current and prospective customers to improve the user experience.

To learn more about these innovations and how Assignar is helping teams improve productivity, increase profits and build more, visit www.assignar.com.