With NCDOT’s continued efforts to maintain our States Highways by providing new and innovative ways to extend the life of the pavement was showing recently in Shallotte, NC. They contracted Barnhill Construction and American Paving Fabrics to provide a solution to continued reflective cracking and longitudinal cracking along Highway 130. The road is a major throughway for local traffic from Wilmington to Myrtle Beach. NCDOT approved HUESKER North Americas most recent innovation in paving interlayers to combat the roadways continued degradation. HaTelit® G50 is HUESKER’s newest solution in the HaTelit® family, providing a 50kN strength fiberglass grid in combination with an ultra-lightweight nonwoven pre-impregnated with asphalt to provide strength and waterproofing to the new asphalt course. The HaTelit® G50 solution provided US route 130 with continued support and strength to carry its motorists on for many years to come before NCDOT has to consider maintenance due to cracking or pothole development. To learn more about HUESKER solutions visit HUESKER.com, on Facebook at facebook.com/hueskernorthamerica, or @HUESKERna on Twitter.


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