Ask the Experts: Becoming a Mobile Workforce

This webinar aired on Wednesday, April 29th at 12pm CST.



Your projects have no room for error, yet many engineering projects have several challenges that can make this seem impossible. The fact that teams are working out of the office more than before – either from a home office, or at a job site, or visiting clients – means that they need immediate access to project documents or the most current project status, plus be able to collaborate with team members in real-time. Making use of mobile applications and other processes that can allow team members to quickly find, view, and manage project information on-the-go has never been more critical in today’s modern work environment.

How are engineering firms adopting mobile processes that meet the information-rich demands of their projects?

Join Newforma alongside special guests from Thornton Tomasetti and WSP to learn how they are leveraging processes that make project information accessible to all team members whenever and wherever they need it. Register for this webinar to learn:
– Common challenges faced by project teams and how to overcome them
– Case study examples of how mobile technology and processes were leveraged in large scale projects
– Gap analysis of various construction phases where technology eases inefficiency and collaboration challenges.
– Best practices for adoption and implementation

Meet the Speakers


Mike O’Toole                              Vanessa Da Rocha
Senior Associate, BIM Manager     Project Director
WSP                                           Thornton Thomasetti







Brian Guidotti
Solutions Consultant

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1. What is this webinar about?

 What percentage of AEC professionals are using a smartphone?

3. What is NOT one of the field-to-office challenges?

What storage device was mentioned in an example about site photos before the iPhones/iPads?


What is NOT a challenge of bringing hard copy plans to the job site?


Which project did WSP present in their case study?


What was one of the challenges discussed in the New Balance Headquarters case study?


Which project did Thornton Tomasseti present in their case study?

9. What was one of the challenges discussed in the Confidential Restoration Project case study?
10. The presenters discussed three reasons for firms to encourage the adoption of mobile technology. What are they?
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