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ASCE seeks committee members for Design and Construction of Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations

Reston, Va. — The American Society of Civil engineers (ASCE) is seeking members to update existing SEI/ASCE Standard 32-01, Design and Construction of Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations. The intent of the standard is to address the design and construction of frost-protected shallow foundations in areas subject to seasonal ground freezing.

Users of the standard would include, but not be limited to, design professionals, building officials, equipment vendors and building owners.

This Standard includes foundation insulation requirements to protect heated and unheated buildings from frost heave presented in easy-to-follow steps with reference to design tables, climate maps, and other necessary data to furnish a complete frost-protection design. The intended outcomes of the application of this standard include improved construction efficiency over conventional practices, increased energy efficiency, minimized site disturbance, and enhanced frost protection.

Interested parties may submit an application to join this new committee via www.asce.org/codes-standards/applicationform. Please submit applications no later than August 23, 2014.