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ARTBA Online Learning Center courses approved for PDHs in N.Y., N.C., and Florida

ARTBA Online Learning Center courses approved for PDHs in N.Y., N.C., and Florida

Washington, D.C. — The American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) announced that its Online Learning Center (OLC) courses meet New York, North Carolina, and Florida Professional Development Hour (PDH) requirements for engineers seeking re-licensing.  Other states do not require similar pre-approval.

Created in 2016, the ARTBA OLC serves as a key resource for transportation design and construction industry professionals seeking to build their skill set or to help prepare for the Safety Certification for Transportation Project Professionals (SCTPP) exam.

The courses are self-paced and accessible from any device that can access the internet, including smart phones, tablets and laptops. The digital content is available 24/7, which empowers participants to learn where they want to, review when they need to, and apply their new knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Current courses include:

  • Communication: Covers the different types of communication employees need to effectively lead a team and how to avoid mistakes caused by miscommunicating critical information (1-PDH).
  • Environmental Conditions: Shows how to identify and address specific hazards based on working at night, in different climates, in different weather, and near water (2-PDHs).
  • Hazard Control: Details how to detect the most common hazards found on transportation construction work sites, the threats each hazard poses to workers, and how to mitigate the risks by applying elimination, substitution, engineering controls, administrative controls, and Personal Protective Equipment (2-PDHs).
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Discusses the different types of PPE workers need for different jobs in a work zone, how to select and maintain PPE for transportation construction projects, and how to establish a work zone culture where everyone always uses PPE (1-PDH).
  • Traffic Control: Demonstrates how to implement an internal traffic control plan (ITCP) to manage workers, vehicles, and equipment in your work zone, and how to implement a temporary traffic control plan (TTCP) to manage vehicles and pedestrians outside the work space (2-PDHs).
  • Work Sites: Reviews the hazards and required safety measures for working in trenches and other excavations, in confined spaces, and above ground. The courses contain reading, graphics, and video to support the training objectives (2-PDHs).
  • Risk Assessment: Covers applying the process of risk assessment to different stages of transportation construction, building risk management tools and using those tools on a site visit to identify and mitigate hazards (1 PDH).
  • Building Safety Plans: Covers identifying the safety plans and programs OSHA requires for specific transportation construction workplace activities, and creating an activity-specific and work site-specific safety plan (1 PDH).

To take advantage of this cost-effective ARTBA service, visit the OLC at www.puttingsafetyfirst.org and click “Prep Courses.”