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Arconic and EWB-USA partner to develop next-generation of engineers

Arconic and EWB-USA partner to develop next-generation of engineers

Denver — Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA) received a $350,000 grant from Arconic Foundation to support EWB-USA’s efforts in ensuring that future engineers are able to solve the infrastructure challenges preventing billions of people from living healthy, productive lives, while also creating a pool of trained and committed individuals prepared to solve the world’s most pressing engineering needs.

“What we offer is truly unique,” says Cathy Leslie, EWB-USA’s Executive Director. With more than 250 student and professional chapters, EWB-USA’s strength lies in its ability to partner with communities around the globe on water, energy and infrastructure projects while providing essential on the ground learning opportunities for student and professional members.

“Think about the skills that student members gain and draw on: designing, working with contractors who are frequently thousands of miles away, and selecting and implementing culturally appropriate technology. These are essential skills for engineers of tomorrow,” said Leslie. “The ability to make such an immediate impact through engineering has lasting results. Our members will bring what they’ve learned with them throughout their careers and lives. That’s powerful.”

The Arconic Foundation grant builds on a previous $300,000 grant investment in 2016 and helps support EWB-USA’s efforts to fill a gap in current engineering curriculum. According to a report from the National Science Foundation, “The practice of engineering is undergoing significant change; however, the engineering curriculum has been slow to respond, and major rethinking and restructuring of engineering education will likely be needed in order for our engineering graduates to be competitive in a new global, knowledge-base market.”

Arconic Foundation President, Esra Ozer, adds, “Engineering as a field within manufacturing is evolving, and with it, our expectations for engineers are growing. With chapters on university campuses across the country, Engineers Without Borders USA is well-positioned to enhance traditional engineering curricula, and train engineers to adapt and solve problems within a dynamic environment.  The grant from Arconic Foundation will add depth to EWB-USA’s education toolkit and help engineering students prepare for the workforce, whether it’s in the private or public sector, and elevate their impact within the profession.”

Enhancing EWB-USA’s online educational programming including the development of 10 new training courses, and setting in motion important developments such as our partnership with the National Academy of Engineering on their Grand Challenges Scholars Certificate Program, and EWB-UK’s Engineering for People Challenge are among the activities the award has advanced.

Since 2002, EWB-USA has been building a better world by bringing together the brightest engineering students and the most passionate, highly skilled professional engineers to combat global poverty.