New York — The New York City Department of Design and Construction (DDC) hired ARCADIS for a $6.8 million contract where ARCADIS engineers will oversee construction of water, sewer, and drainage system infrastructure improvements in the Sheldon Avenue area of Staten Island, bringing much needed services to local residents and businesses. As resident engineer inspector for the DDC's $48.3 million construction project, ARCADIS will help to bring a project to fruition which will improve drainage, decrease flooding of public streets and private property, improve water quality and safety for residents, and enhance existing wetlands and wildlife habitats within the project area.

Supporting the DDC's commitment to minimally disrupt the local community, ARCADIS will enforce DDC's construction guidelines and standards and collaborate with project teams from the DDC and general contractor to complete the project.

"ARCADIS will help the DDC continue to strike a balance between the built and natural worlds and give residents a safer, drier community during storms," said Peter Glus, ARCADIS' director of business development for New York City. "The improvements will work in concert with the award-winning Staten Island Bluebelt which relies upon ecosystems like streams, ponds and wetlands to manage stormwater."

ARCADIS employs over 1,100 staff at seven office locations in the tri-state area. ARCADIS is currently working on a variety of infrastructure projects in New York City, including Construction Management of several major water treatment facilities, and design of flood management systems for critical buildings, such as major hospitals, communications centers and wastewater treatment plants. ARCADIS is currently conducting a feasibility study for "Seaport City" — a proposed multi-purpose levee project along Manhattan's East River.