Los Angeles — Two projects, both managed by ARCADIS, were recently awarded the American Public Works Association "Project of the Year" award for their contributions to reducing the amount of untreated stormwater runoff impacting the Santa Monica Bay ecosystem and quality of life in the greater Los Angeles area.

ARCADIS worked with the city of Los Angeles to divert eight storm drain flows on its low-flow diversion project. Ultimately, the improvements sent a daily total volume of stormwater that could fill the Staples Center more than halfway (approximately 13 million gallons) to the Hyperion Treatment Plant instead of straight into Santa Monica Bay.

Treating the water lowered the bacterial levels on Santa Monica beach, reduced the need for beach closures, and protected the bay’s marine ecosystems.

Green streets

In a related effort, ARCADIS inspected all construction activities and implemented a public outreach program for the city of Santa Monica’s Ocean Park Boulevard complete green street project which successfully captures and prevents significant volumes of urban runoff from entering the Santa Monica Bay by diverting the flows to bioswales, tree wells, and the sanitary system via low-flow diversion systems.

Additionally, wider sidewalks, more visible bike lanes, new bike racks, improved crosswalks, and new medians were incorporated for safer recreation while recycling canisters and 100 trees were installed to encourage sustainability.