Advancements in environmental remediation are happening at an accelerating pace. Outdated scientific techniques have been replaced with unconventional treatment methods and cutting-edge tools to successfully address some of the world’s most complex environmental challenges. To explain how these innovations will affect corporate and community remediation projects, Arcadis has developed a series of free educational webinars that cover emerging issues and evolving investigation and remediation methods:

Innovations in the Management of 1,4-Dioxane describes the impact of this contaminant on our public water supplies, what to expect from regulatory agencies, and new cost-effective ways to manage this risk. This presentation covers the pros and cons of various treatment methods including Advanced Oxidation Processes, In-Situ Chemical Oxidation, Natural Attenuation, Ex-Situ Bioreactor, Bioremediation, and Synthetic Media. Arcadis experts: Caitlin Bell, PE; Joe Quinnan, PE, PG

Smart Characterization Methods that Increase Return on Investigation (ROI) explains new site investigation methods that narrow the focus to expand the impact of remediation methods and provide a significant ROI. This presentation shows how new modeling methods and technology not only improve accuracy, but significantly decrease investigation time and cost. Arcadis experts: Nick Welty, CPG, PG; Joe Quinnan, PE, PG

Successful Innovations for Achieving Large Plume Closure provides an in-depth look at the framework used to evaluate and optimize remedial performance to successfully clean up a large-scale DOD plume in less than eight years and with substantial cost savings. This presentation describes how dynamic groundwater recirculation can overcome back diffusion. Arcadis experts: Kelly Houston, PE; Scott Potter, PhD, PE; Suthan Suthersan, PhD, PE

Big Data and Environmental Remediation: Gaining Predictive Insights reviews the evolution of data capture and how new analysis methods will reveal patterns, trends and associations that provide predictive insights about complex environmental issues and identify areas that could deliver additional value to the corporate bottom line. Arcadis experts: Margy Gentile, PhD, PE; John Horst, PE.

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