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AquiPor Announces New Permeable Hardscape Technology

AquiPor Announces New Permeable Hardscape Technology

Spokane, WA,  – AquiPor Technologies, Inc. announced that it has developed a new permeable hardscape technology that can help cities confront stormwater runoff pollution and urban flooding.

After five years of material technology research and development, AquiPor has developed a permeable hardscape material that features strength and durability on par with traditional concrete, while maintaining permeability rates that exceed 25 inches per hour, giving it the ability to handle large volumes of stormwater from extreme rain events. AquiPor utilizes a chemical technology process to create sub-micron porosity throughout its material, giving it filter-like characteristics and making it resistant to clogging from sediment and pollutants commonly found in stormwater. This low maintenance approach to on-site stormwater management was developed to keep pollutants out of the natural water system and to keep maintenance costs low for cities and developers.

“Pollution from stormwater runoff has become a serious environmental issue for cities today. We’ve made it our mission to develop the innovation stack that cities and developers need to manage stormwater, right where it falls and mitigate urban flooding. In conjunction with quality engineered designs, AquiPor’s permeable hardscape material can help cities manage stormwater on a larger scale, without sacrificing usable space.” says AquiPor CEO Greg Johnson.

“Revamping the physical infrastructure of our communities is critical to both the near term and long term progress of our country. We’re positioning our technology to be a practical and scalable stormwater infrastructure solution for years to come”, says Johnson.

AquiPor is preparing to enter into a professional manufacturing and market feasibility study and is lining up value stream partners representing leadership in concrete manufacturing, engineering, and civil contracting. You can learn more about the company at www.aquipor.com