Baton Rouge, Louisiana (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — APTIM has been awarded the first ever Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract issued by the United States Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), Marine Minerals Program for Geophysical, Geological, and Environmental Data Collection and Analysis supporting Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Marine Minerals Stewardship, including sand and gravel for use in coastal restoration and beach nourishment projects, as well as strategic, critical, and other hard minerals.

The first of its kind award, valued at up to $25 million over five years, builds upon APTIM’s extensive marine minerals mapping and data management experience over the last 30+ years and covers potential work across all of the United States’ OCS, including the Atlantic, Pacific, Alaska, and Gulf of Mexico Coasts as well as the OCS of US Pacific and Caribbean island territories.

“APTIM is proud to add BOEM to our growing mission of supporting critical programs for the Federal government” stated Alan Weakley, President of APTIM’s Government Strategic Business Unit. “APTIM is very excited to win this award and looks forward to assisting BOEM scientists with the significant growth of the Marine Minerals Program, supporting both coastal restoration and resilience as well as the Marine Minerals Program’s new focal area of critical/hard minerals” added Beau Suthard, Program Director and National Coastal Market Lead for APTIM.

The scope of work includes identification, characterization, and delineation of sand to further the Marine Minerals Program’s development of a National Offshore Sand Inventory, as well as other marine minerals in support of development of a future National Offshore Critical Mineral Inventory. It includes synthesis of existing resource evaluation and environmental data and information, new geophysical and geological data acquisition and processing, as well as studies and monitoring needed to evaluate the potential impacts to sensitive habitats, biological communities, and cultural resources that may result from mineral exploration or extraction activities.