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Apis Cor and SMASH Announce Partnership to Design, Develop and 3D Print Affordable Housing in Miami-Dade

Apis Cor and SMASH Announce Partnership to Design, Develop and 3D Print Affordable Housing in Miami-Dade

3d printer prints walls of building, house with cement mortar. Innovative additive building technology on construction site. Engineer monitors 3d printing process of 3d model of home on digital tablet

Solving housing issues with new, cutting-edge technology

MELBOURNE, Fla. and MIAMI (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Apis Cor, the company that prints buildings, and SMASH, a community land trust for housing justice, announced their partnership to 3D-print affordable homes in Miami-Dade county. As partners, Apis Cor and SMASH will define the unique needs and specific technical objectives of their first building project and work with officials in Miami-Dade to demonstrate the viability of 3D-printing homes in South Florida.

“In a market where land is prohibitively expensive like Miami, and where there are limited funds for housing production, 3D-printing technology offers the kind of market disruption that could finally provide conscious builders with the means to meet the extraordinary demand for affordable housing in the county,” said Adrian Alberto Madriz, Executive Director, SMASH-Miami.

“Partnering with SMASH gives us the opportunity to push our technology and materials in new ways,” said Anna Cheniuntai, CEO and Co-Founder of Apis Cor. “Because Miami is in a high-velocity hurricane corridor we are exploring how 3D-printing technology can be adapted to meet specific building, design and cost requirements.”

The Apis Cor system cuts shipping costs, installation time, and improves printing speed. Apis Cor’s construction method can save up to 30% on the cost of a traditional finished home in the United States.

Madriz added, “As a worker-owned cooperative non-profit, we will be able to employ organized labor in the production of cutting edge, resilient and quality housing at a much lower cost than conventional methods.”

“Before we 3D-print the first home with SMASH in 2023, we will have planned out every detail, achieved the desired price for each build, and secured approvals from the county,” commented Cheniuntai.