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AOMS Names Tim Angus as New CEO, Expands into Risk Forecast Market through Brickeye Acquisition

AOMS Names Tim Angus as New CEO, Expands into Risk Forecast Market through Brickeye Acquisition

Expanded IoT platform with Brickeye provides complete remote monitoring of construction sites, delivering enhanced safety, efficiency, productivity, and compliance

TORONTO (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AOMS Technologies, a leader in advanced IoT sensing solutions and creators of the LumiConTM Smart Construction Platform, announces its acquisition of Brickeye, the construction risk forecast platform. AOMS also announces the appointment of Tim Angus, an experienced technology entrepreneur, as Chief Executive Officer. AOMS Co-founder Hamid Alemohammad has assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer, focusing on operational excellence and managing new market launches for AOMS solutions.

The AOMS Smart Construction Platform already provides a host of monitoring capabilities and real-time insights, including progress of concrete curing, equipment utilization, energy consumption, material location tracking, activity monitoring in hazardous areas, and structural damage and failure detection. By integrating Brickeye, AOMS can now provide monitoring and analysis related to gas and water leaks, environmental challenges, noise levels, and other issues that commonly present compliance and insurance risk. Contractors can reduce their insurance premiums, and insurance providers benefit from a reduced number of claims thanks to more stringent monitoring, mitigation and compliance practices. Brickeye will maintain its name and be fully integrated into the larger suite of AOMS construction monitoring tools.

“Brickeye has been successful in ensuring compliance and mitigating risk among construction sites across Canada. Now we’re looking forward to reaching a broader international audience as we join the AOMS family,” said Diogo Beltran, founder of Brickeye. “All of our customers will benefit from our combined capabilities and integrated digital construction platform.”

Joining AOMS as CEO, Tim Angus brings 25 years of technology, financial, and industry expertise, most recently as the CEO for MMB Networks and Regen Energy (now Encycle), both leading IoT companies with unique hardware and software solutions. In these roles, Angus was instrumental in achieving top brand positions, strong IP, and exponential revenue growth. As the Founder and CEO of Bell Lap Ventures, his own boutique Management Consulting and Investment Banking practice, he has worked with a broad range of technology companies to build winning teams, product roadmaps, strategic plans, and achieve market-leading growth and optimal exits.

“I’m excited to step into a leadership position at AOMS as we grow into new markets,” said Angus. “By expanding our offering to include risk mitigation, forecasting, and compliance, we’re further helping contractors transition to more modernized site monitoring. Our combined proptech platform goes beyond any IoT solution currently on the market to digitize construction sites and meet our mission of making the industry safer and more efficient, while also reducing its environmental impact through superior remote monitoring.”

“I am very pleased to announce Tim Angus as AOMS’s new CEO,” said Hamid Alemohammad, Co-founder and now COO of AOMS Technologies. “Tim is incredibly connected and committed to AOMS’s mission and vision, having worked closely with AOMS as a mentor and consultant for over three years. Tim was instrumental in helping AOMS attract its Series A investment in 2019 and he is well qualified to leverage his considerable industry experience and skills to lead us to a market-leading position and exponential growth.”