Wilmington, N.C. — Andrew Consulting Engineers was recently honored with a 2017 Project of the Year Honorable Mention from the Carolinas Chapter of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) for repairs made to the concrete parking deck of the Shell Island Resort in Wrightsville Beach, N.C. The awards were announced at the 2017 ICRI Carolinas Fall Conference October 27-27 in Winston-Salem.

E.B. Pannkuk, PE, Principal Engineer with Andrew Consulting Engineers, was the project manager and structural engineer of record on the parking deck repair project. The Carolinas Chapter of the ICRI serves the concrete industry in North and South Carolina and is dedicated to improving the quality of concrete restoration, repair and protection through education and communication to its members and those who use their services.

“We are particularly honored by this award, as the parking deck repair presented a number of challenges, due to a very tight schedule and challenging weather conditions in a beachfront environment,” said Pannkuk. “Concrete repair is typically done in mild weather and this project had to be completed in the winter over 3 to 4 months while the building was still being actively used by residents and guests. To make sure all aspects of the job were executed properly, we had a full-time project manager from Andrew Consulting Engineers onsite during the entire repair process. The General Contractor, Watertight Systems, did an excellent job and together we were able to complete the repairs on time and under budget.”

In addition to the parking deck repair, Andrew Consulting Engineers has worked on a variety of repair and maintenance projects for Shell Island Resort and employs “maintenance engineering” to proactively identify potential problems within the property that could cause damage.

“One of the unique services that our firm offers for large properties like Shell Island is maintenance engineering,” said Pannkuk. “We identify conditions that could potentially cause damage to the building and do preventative maintenance to forestall any disrepair. Many engineers don’t have a great deal of experience in maintenance, but that’s an area at which Andrew Consulting Engineers excels. With maintenance engineering, we don’t just repair damage — we identify and take care of what is causing the damage so the property operates more efficiently and we can maintain the integrity of the structure for the long-term.”